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Rodent Proofing Melbourne FLYour home is one of your biggest investments! So why would you wait to Rodent Proof your home to prevent any damage that possibly could be done by Rats, Squirrels, Raccoons, Opossums, Bats, or any other Wildlife around? I’m going to focus on Rats in this Article. A Rat alone in your Home can carry a lot of Risks! Rodents can spread Disease & cause Serious Damage to your Home or Business in a short period of time! Why wait until Rats have moved into the Attic & Walls of your Home to call a Pest Control Company to come set up Rodent Control? Why pay Twice the amount of money to get rid of the Rodents instead of taking a preventive approach? Why take the chance of Rats Contaminating your Insulation with their Urine & Feces? Why take the chance of a Rat Gnawing on your Electrical Wires causing a Dangerous Fire Hazard? Why would you chance getting a Disease Carried by a Rat? Just why would you want to chance your Health or Damage to your Investment on a Problem that could have been Prevented in the first place? WHY?


Rodent Proofing Melbourne FLRats can Cause Structural Damage to Homes, Apartments, Offices, Schools, Businesses, & virtually any type of Structure! Rats come with a ton of Bad Habits! Fact: Rats will Gnaw on average every 3 to 5 Hours to keep their Teeth Grinded Down so they don’t out grow their mouth causing them to starve to death! A Rodents Teeth never stop growing! Rodents will Gnaw on Electrical Wires (causing a Fire Hazard), Ac Ducts, Wood, & Anything you have stored in your Attic! If they enter the Living Space they can nest behind the Cabinets, in the Furniture, in Closets, & many other Locations! Rats will leave behind as they travel around the Attic & Walls of your Home Urine Trails & Fecal Droppings (on average 50 to 125 per day) Contaminating the Surface & causing Potential Spread of Diseases! Not to mention a scent trail inviting other Rats to Join!


Rodent Proofing Melbourne FLOn Average a Rat can squeeze through a hole as small as a ½ inch! A Thorough Inspection must be completed to Eliminate all Current or Possible Future Entry Points. Sealing & Securing all Rodent Entry Points to a Home can be very difficult to an Individual who has no training in Rodent Control. Some of the most Common Entry Points we come across are Roof Returns, Construction Gaps, Ac Chases, Plumbing Stacks, Soffits, Utility Lines, Roof Vents, Broken Roof Tiles, Bird Stop Missing or Chewed Through, Quad Vents, Gable Vents, Ridge Vents, Foundation Vents, & sometimes Dryer Vents. (most common) In order to Seal & Secure the Structure from Rats and other Wildlife you will need to use Solid Materials. Foam may be a Temporarily Solution but not a Permanent Fix. It can be very Difficult for a Homeowner to Rodent Proof their own Home. I suggest if you try to do the Exclusion on your own call a Pest Control Company to Inspect the work to be extra Safe! In my 15 years of Pest, Rodent, & Wildlife Control Experience I would suggest calling a Certified & Insured Pest Control Company like PEST-X-OUT Pest & Wildlife Control to come out to your Property to give you a Free Professional Inspection to Rodent/Animal Proof your Home. Wildlife Management. Spend a little NOW to SAVE YOU BIG LATER!

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